Going Swimming

Listen to the story: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0KJw6fqNh2U

Yesterday I was telling stories in 5ºB — like a maniac, I mean. The group turned out to be the most crowded group I have, and it was the last lesson in the day, ending at 9PM, so the feeling was more like being in the park, hanging out with friends and acquaintances!! And that makes me nervous, and then I start telling all kinds of stories, including things people who are not shy (not my case, outside the classroom) never tell! ANYWAY,

When I mentioned I was going swimming I got all mixed up with the number of lengths I swam on my first swimming day! The number did have a 2, but not at the beginning!! I didn’t swim 20 lengths, I mean, I swam 12. So that’s not particularly impressive, is it? Anyway, today I felt so guilty about the mistake I made that I tried to get to 20, but… I just managed 16. Now I have to sink further into humiliation and say that my lengths were far from stylish. Halfway the 50 meters I often had to turn around and just float and kick my way along to the other end, because it was all so tiring — and I got so tired! I also used a kickboard/float like kids when they learn to swim! gogglesSometimes I half sank in the middle / halfway, because I got a pulled muscle in my toe or my goggles broke (I’ll never buy this kind again!). Then, while swimming the backstroke, I would bounce into the lane ropes and generally swim in crooked lines!  In a nutshell, my swimming was pathetic! (Sigh.) But it was just my second day, yes! There’s hope for me!

I’m good at swimming breaststroke. I do look like someone who knows how to swim! Promise! But I can’t swim breaststroke anymore because of my back. I have spinal disk/disc problems and that would hurt me. So I have to swim the backstroke and crawl, but I’m not good at moving my arms in these styles. I manage the backstroke when I throw both of my arms backwards at the same time, but I’m pathetic when one arms goes after the other! Anyway,

Life’s all about learning, ain’t it?

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4 Responses to Going Swimming

  1. Ana Otto says:

    Great!So I assume you’re going to the swimmig-pool or is it the open sea? Brave!

  2. MF says:

    Hiya, dearest Ana!!!
    What a lovely surprise!
    Pool, pool! Can you believe I have not swam in the sea yet? I need to be stronger, I suppose. So eventually I will! Do come and then we’ll go for a swim in the sea, apart from having espetos like wild women!
    How was the lecture (if you don’t mind telling here)?
    I’ll be reading your stories next Friday! Can’t wait!

  3. silvaniax says:

    Hello Michelle; Well done¡ I’m going to the swimming pool too.

    • MF says:

      Wow, Silvia!!! Hiya! 😀 😀 😀
      Great to see you around!
      Hey, then, now you can give a monolog on that! Perhaps I should record this story for the Talking People Podcast, so that people can learn how to pronounce all those new words, right? 🙂
      I’ve been reading the book you and L. kindly gave me and it’s very interesting, but it’s a bit hard, so I put it down for a bit, and then pick it up later on. I’ve read about half of it. I’ll tell you about it when I finish it!
      A big hug for you and L., and of course the rest!

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