100000 Poets for Change: please, acknowledge feminism is a major nonviolent revolution!

The 2013 press release written by Michael, the man in California who launched this amazing global event, mentioned different kinds of struggles but not feminism. So I sent him this email, in the hope he would add a little word to be just and avoid more of that kind of traditional patriarchal violence against women which is Erasing their existence as human minds because they’re just good as bodies to be used and housewives and mothers to be exploited. Luckily, Michael replied the following day! And he said he was sure to add feminism to the list of social struggles!

My love for Michael, my love for people who, like myself, are beginning to understand we need to overcome the violence in patriarchal societies.

Here are the emails:

On 25 Sep 2013 michelle wrote: 

enminombreFeminism is a major nonviolent revolution HAPPENING. How can it not be mentioned in your press release? Patriarchal wiping out of any value to criticism to this, the Father of all Systems, and women, a major target, is deep in all of us. But we should learn to re-educate ourselves, and find the rational empathy we’re capable of. Feminism is the deepest and most far-reaching nonviolent social change happening. You should not contribute to keeping it invisible. So please, don’t. We’re artists, poets, thinkers. We exist. And we’re contributing change.

In my name

Sure, I’m not speaking on behalf of the women who are dead and who I never had the chance to know about.

Pay attention: I’m speaking
with centuries of pure life
pounding in my genetic code
of the thousands of women who existed
and who, yes!, nobody will ever know about.

Now go ahead and tell me what a revolution is.

Mujer Palabra – mujerpalabra.net

On the 24/09/2013 Michael wrote:
Where in Spain are you located? will you be organizing an event for 100 Thousand Poets for Change? Best, Michael
On Sep 25, 2013 michelle wrote:
Hi. It’s my third year taking part. I’m with the Graus people in Huelva, Spain. In Spain there are quite a few women with a feminist intelligence, apart from some men, but I mean, women writing poems from a feminist intelligence.
So, can you mention / acknowledge feminist struggle too? Thanks!
On Sep 25 Michael wrote:
–Of course!! Michael
On Sep 25 michelle wrote:
MUAK! (That’s a huge sound kiss!)
On Sep 25 Michael wrote:

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