Working on Mons in the Classroom

Activity in pairs.

  • 5 min. to think: 1) pick a topic, 2) brainstorm on language to make your range richer, 3) work on an outline (content distribution) considering you just have a maximum of 3 min for the mon.
  • In pairs, one person improvises her/his mon., following her/his notes on language and outline, and paying attention to the time limit and also her/his own mistakes, in case she/he can fix them on the spot. Meanwhile, her/his classmate takes notes on mistakes or impressions.
  • Next Student 2 gives her/his feedback.
  • Next Student 1 does her/his mon. again! keeping in mind the feedback, learning to listen to her/himself and practicing/practising fixing her/his mistakes as she/he speaks!
  • Then it’s Student 2’s turn.
  • Finally, we’ll have a Plenary for your comments on a) procedure, b) mistakes, c) good things. And we could listen to a few students performing at Plenary, telling their own stories or re-telling their classmate’s story!

If you follow this procedure you will be learning and practicing/practising:

  • your English!
  • to listen to yourself and others noticing their language range
  • to fix your mistakes as you speak + to practice communicative strategies relevant to do this
  • to take notes as you listen and to give feedback
  • to notice the listener’s reaction to your story and make adjustments so he or she can follow you
  • how much language you can fit into a limited amount of time – to adjust to a time limit
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