October Writing for Intermedio and Avanzado 2

I just decided / I’ve just decided to give you the October Writing Assignment and the deadline, so we get some extra time to talk about the rest.

Task Description: Write an email to your old host family in the USA, telling them about your best friend and her/his wishes to travel to their country. You need to tell them she/he can get a job, but needs somewhere to stay. Be tactful. Intermedio. 100-125 words. Avanzado. 125-150 words.

This task is clearly going to test your ability to describe people. And also to explore questions tactfully! Do you know about the content-distribution in letters? After the hellos, you should have a You part before moving on to your Me part. After the good-bye you can add a PS because informal emails allow this. (Formal emails don’t!)

In 45 min (time yourself) distributed in 3 moments. Time yourself in each of the 3 steps. You will learn a few interesting things. Use a dark pen and two pieces of paper.  A lighter ink for correcting your own mistakes, so I can see which ones you spotted in Step 3.

  1. Before Writing: in a separate piece of paper you will staple to your composition, use … minutes to brainstorm on the language you can use (tenses, modals, adjectives and other noun modifiers, clauses, possessives, expressions…), and to draft an outline you can follow (key words on things you’ll mention). Imagine how much space your handwriting will take for the required amount of words, and the paragraphing! Imagine the approximate number of words for the opening and ending paragraphs, so you know how many words you have for your description. IMPORTANT: You are not allowed to write your piece twice (make a clean copy). You can only use an outline.
  2. Writing your piece: after thinking, you will be more well-prepared to write your piece, just once! You can cross out things you don’t want.
  3. After Writing: you need to proofread your work at least TWICE. One to check you have no spelling or grammar mistakes. The other to check the letter makes sense, that content distribution is OK.

Deadline: Week Oct 21-24.

More info on the Page called Your Writing File

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