Damyanti’s Stories

Hi, Damyanti! What a nice surprise! ❤ Thanks for dropping by!

storiesoflifeanddeathDear all, Damyanti is a freelance writer / indie writer from Singapur and I had the pleasure to read a collection of stories she wrote last summer: A to Z Stories of Life and Death. You can get the book online for about a euro! Really cheap!

These stories are full of life — in life, we’re always making decisions, whether we are aware of that or not. The stories are also powerful and surprising, and make big questions! I recommend the rtf format (scroll down till you find it) if you’re planning to print it, because you can go through the document and cut the page wherever it’s most convenient. If you print it, it’s about 15 sheets of paper on both sides, if I remember correctly.

STORIESFROMMYTEACHERThanks to Damyanti’s work on Smashwords I came up with the idea of publishing my own Teacher Stories, so that students could get the ebook in their different electronic devices. I invited some of my colleagues to join me in this adventure (their names are not on this cover draft, but they will be), and at the moment it’s four of us teachers who are writing for a little ebook called Stories from Your Teacher. On the English Language, Lifelong Learning and Our R-EVOLution. Our plan is to publish it in the first half of 2014.

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