Y5 Updating Lesson Plans

By the end of this week, we should’ve dealt with 1A and 1B.

Small Groups should’ve checked:

  • Grammar Bank 1A
  • Vocabulary Bank: Work
  • [Optional if you did it at home: Reading aloud and discussing People We Admire, pages 4, 5]
  • Grammar Bank 1B
  • [Optional if you did it at home: Checking vocabulary and asking people how to say sentences about Families based on pages 10, 11]

In Pairs, you should’ve:

  • Practiced conversations on jobs – ex 6 p. 7

At Plenary we should’ve:

  • Dealt with language questions
  • Listened to some mons + feedback
  • Listening Exam Strategies: Skeleton of Meaning, with audios 1.3 and especially 1.4 (interview)
  • Listened to 1.7 to help you with the mon on Work [+ Speaking in pairs]
  • C-Day for Writings

At Home you should’ve:

  • Had a look at our unit plans, to try and follow the homework you would have
  • Worked on learning to listen (Skeleton of Meaning)
  • Worked on a mon (Work, Families, People you Admire)
  • L&R audios, starting with 1.10 (useful language in short sentences) and 1.7.
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