For students – please, read!

For students doing this year’s course again. This week I learned that some of you are doing this year’s course for a second or third time. I would like to talk to you, to know why you failed your exams, especially in case I can do something to help you make the most of this year, OK? First you should think hard about it. Perhaps list some ideas. So remember, talk to me at some point, or send me an email. Why didn’t I know? Well, in the lists we get here that info is not included, and that was the way I found out in the region where I used to live. So it’s been my bad — being a newbie is never easy!

Carmen Mo… M… in Y5B, send me an email, please, I’d like to ask you something! Thanks!

For all of my students: I know I’m not a good teacher for exploiting textbooks, but I do think we’re learning and working really hard, and I try to post stuff on the blog so that people who have the time can profit from work done in other groups! (That’s the main reason why I post like a maniac, really!) One of the reasons textbooks are hard for me is that if we talk and listen and interact, that takes up a longer time than checking textbook exercises in the traditional way. But I don’t want to stop using my method, because I also know it works! It also helps people learn. Many roads lead to Rome. I know this means you’ve got more work to do at home, but then — one cannot have a good command over a language without zillions of hours of listening and learning! So it’s all for your learning, really! My view is I cannot teach you anything, really, but I can help you become a learner, a happy effective learner! Icarita_beatingheartn any case, if you miss something, if you need anything, please, let me know. Our lessons are very flexible and we can include many different kinds of things.

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