FAQs – Writing Assignments

Can I send you my writing by email?
No, you can’t. All the learning involved in my writing course is related to you handwriting your piece.

(Only TP contributors can send their typed work — they are sharing the final version of their writing work to share on the Net so that other students can learn.)

If I can’t come to class but I can manage the deadline, can I give you my writing?
Yes, you can. I’m in class every afternoon from 4.30 to 9.15 o 9.30, and as you know, the door is always open. If I’m busy teaching, you can simply signal your hellos and leave it on my desk.

Can I do a writing task without following your procedures, requirements & explanations — see Writing File?
If you do, I won’t be happy about it, and you are risking I refuse to check more work you give me which doesn’t follow the course I have designed for you. This course is designed by me. I’m open to feedback, proposals and negociation, to improve my work if I’m not doing it right, or if it’s improvable. I’m more than ready to explain things zillions of times, as I do. But I’m not ready to being ignored as a teacher.

If I’m missing a lot of lessons (or all), can I hand in a writing assignment?
Yes, if you follow my instructions and you bring it — handwritten — to the School. This involves your commitment to working on your List of Mistakes once I have checked it, so you can use that list to avoid making the same mistakes in the following assigment.

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