Hilma af Klint – A Pioneer of Abstraction

The Museo Picasso in Málaga, Andalucía, is showing an extraordinary exhibition by an extraordinary artist.

Teachers don’t know if students would like to go, so Charo has taped a sheet on Ana’s desk (the janitor’s, on the 2nd floor) so you can write your names if you are willing to go. If there are enough students, a few teachers would be happy to organize this outing. It’d be about €6 because we’d hire a guide who showed us around in English!

I designed a little exercise for you all, for your Winter Holidays, and to encourage you to visit the exhibition after that! And I also donated it to our School, in case it helps us in some way. It is a Reading Comprehension exercise in the format of a 10-minute scanning exercise, to help you learn to find info fast!! Before you start, you need to print the questions and the brochure of the exhibition (but the best option is you drop by the museum and get a free brochure in English!), but don’t read any!

Post your results here! I can also post the answers here too!

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