About bilingual schools & Useful Classroom Language

Today I learned/learnt that teachers in bilingual schools (Spanish-English) in this region do not get a Resource Pack with Useful Classroom Language, general and by subject. I cannot believe it! Even if teachers spoke English fluently, the language used in primary and secondary classrooms is not in EFL textbooks! I believe teachers and schools should request the authorities to offer them resources. There are books like these: English for Primary Teachers.

In Y5CAL we are going to undertake the project of collecting Useful Classroom Language (general and by subjects) now with a more relevant purpose: to share on the Net so other teachers can use it as a resource. If you are an English-native speaker and you wish to help us, you are very welcome! ❤ You might want to post some useful language here! Or recommend materials for this purpose! We would send you all of our love!! 🙂 And we could do the same for you, in Spanish!

For Y5CAL, here is an interesting website to collect useful language: Freebies at BIE.

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