Dear students, If you only knew!

I’m listening to people who have worked on their monologues they way I was suggesting, and you can’t imagine what progress! I suppose they notice it well! I do! Keep the joyful effort up! And if you are not working on a monologue a week at home, start doing so! Because learning a language is about listening and speaking mostly — that’s where you learn grammar, and vocabulary too, plus all of the other things involved in human communication, like organizing your information, and walking in the listener’s shoes.

Congratulations to people working on their mons! And please, remember I won’t publish them unless you tell me to do so, preferably by email! (Subject line: For publication).

I’m also really happy so many people are working on their audiobook. The exercise is extremely positive for your English, in so many different ways! So trust me, please! 🙂

Remember that learning is mostly about what YOU can do for yourself. Count on my support, of course! 🙂 I have very good ideas about how to learn to learn! 😉

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