For Tercero: about absentism and our course

Today we had 7 people in class, where we should’ve have 22 from a total of 32 — yes, there are 10 people who I have never even seen! Why don’t this people cancel their registration?!

I would like to remind students that they are extremely lucky to have a place in our course — it’s really hard to find a vacancy and most importantly, they’re getting top quality education, key support for the learning you necessarily need to do YOURSELF in class and at home — all for €50 euros a year.

Being understanding with adults’ obligations outside the classroom and outside this course is something that we teachers practice every day. But it has its limits, and the limit is we cannot be taking good care of the people who are just dropping by once a month and pretending. So my question is, Are you dropping by just to pretend you are following this course, or are you dropping by because you are making the most of having signed up for this course? If your case is the second, it’s OK, but if your case is the first, please, stop pretending. It’s useless and a waste of time on your part. You also have a responsibility with the group. So please, consider: the only result that counts this year is how you do in your June exam, and you can take that exam even if you don’t come to class. You don’t need to pretend.

Now I know why Andalucía has such high rates of failed Certificate exams in Tercero. People are always happy to put the blame on teachers, but the fact is that students sign up for courses they don’t follow. If this course were/was costing you €300 euros a month, do you think you would come to class? I bet at least half of these students would actually make it to class.

We’re aware of the difficulties adults have to follow courses, and we spend many hours and much effort in trying to make their lives easier. So we should also get some support and respect. Please, think about it and make up your mind: do you have the time to learn English and follow our course?

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