Quintos: first Dec week

Remember to use the two audio interviews in 1C and all the texts to learn to speak and to list topics or questions to discuss in a timed dialogue on language learning and English. Practice explaining your opinion on those topics. Then you have the audiobook. [Today J. told me after class that I was right! That it’s much easier than it seems! And that you do feel great about it!!] So I don’t think you’ll have more time, but next week you will because I won’t be going to work on Wednesday Dec 4 (Y5A) and I won’t be in the Y5B class next Thursday Dec 5.

In Y5CAL we’ll try to create some Speaking Test Cards for all the groups, anyway, on Thursday, when we will be doing the timed dialogues. But if you feel like creating Speaking Test Cards, that’d be great! The more we have, the more we can practice.

I’ll try to give you all your November writings checked next week and we might have C-Day on the same day. Have a lovely English-speaking weekend!

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