Y5’s: first December lessons

Monday, Dec 2 / Tuesday Dec 3 (except for Y5CAL — they’ll have the Thursday lesson — there won’t be a lesson on Wednesday and Thursday; plus, next Mon Dec 9 is a holiday, so make sure you use this extra time to listen to English — audiobook project, + audios in your B2 and C1 textbooks, podcasts, or videos — and you practice speaking and/or finish unit 1 or revise it — except the video page, which we will deal with in our second Dec lesson).

Writing Assignments: My apologies for not bringing your checked Nov Writings. Please, feel free to work on your Dec Writing even if you don’t have the Nov LoM.

Speaking Work: In pairs, brainstorm on 3 questions you can tackle / address in a 5-minute conversation on language topics (resource: 1C). Then jot down the Task Description and your three points (outline) and start timing yourselves as you speak, keeping in mind you need:

  1. a good beginning
  2. balanced turn-taking + communicative strats. to overcome communication problems
  3. a good ending
  4. Signalling the end of your performance

Remember to send me your Speaking Card with the task description and your conversation outline (the three points), so that we can share your cards here and in all of the groups.

Small Groups: if time allows, small groups will check your homework in unit 1, all the bits we never do together in class, and then we can have a Plenary for questions and doublechecking trickier answers!

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