LoM: “internet,” “website,” “email” & numbers

More things that are changing, or hard to get!

  • I used to teach you should write “the Internet” because the Net is one — the analogy is what happened in the past with the Sun and the Moon! But today it is common people write “the internet“, so that’d be OK.
  • website is OK, though universities still recommend web site or Web site.
  • Email and email not E-mail and e-mail anymore!*
  • Use words for numbers below 10 unless they are in tables
  • Use commas for numbers of four or more digits: 1,000 not 1000 (not dots like in Spanish! Incidentally, in Spanish we don’t use the dot in years, e.g. 2013) but then use dots for the cents…
  • Don’t use periods/dots for well-known abbreviations, like UN (the United Nations), CD, DVD, BSc, BA, Mr/Ms (though in US American English people tend to use them here: Mr./Ms.)
  • DATES: British: Day-Month-Year, US American: Month-Day-Year. Remember this: 3-12-2013 is the Spanish way of writing the date, not the English-speaking way of doing it. When they use numbers, they use slashes instead of hyphens. Mark this: whenever you say the number in the date, use the ORDINAL and use “the” and “of” as well, whichever writing method you encounter, because that’s the safest option (THE first, second, third, fourth, fifth, twelfth, twenty-second, thirty-first OF)
British US American
14 March 2011 March 14, 2011
14/3/2011 3/14/2011
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