LoM (Nov Wr): modals and language functions (can/could)

You have written a job-application letter and you say this:

  • I am a responsible person with special ability to organize/organise group activities because I joined the Girl Scouts when I was six years old [isn’t this detail is too much?]. For that reason I am used to organizing/organising [the focus is on your experience based on past reiterated actions] outdoor sport activities and I could [proposal, suggestion?] train children to survive in the countryside. In addition, I could [possibility, proposal?] help children in case they have emotional problems or miss their parents.

Why “could“? Doesn’t this read as a proposal? And do you think a proposal here is the best option? Shouldn’t we use “can” to indicate we have an ability the employer might be interested in? Just think about this. I just want to check you are saying what you mean.

  • I am a responsible person particularly talented as an organizer of group outdoor activities because I have been involved in this kind of experiences and work since childhood. Therefore / This also means, I can teach [more real, focus on your abilities] children the skills needed to survive in any outdoor situation. In addition, I can [focus on your abilities] / could [more tentatively, for there would be less kids in this situation] help them with their emotional problems, especially when they miss their loved ones, as I have taken an advanced course in Emotional Intelligence [move this info here and cross out its repetition further on].
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