LoM: outlines for job-application letters

Unless the task description in the exam (ad, whatever) requires you include personal information (name?? — that’s in the signature and contact info –, age?! — why should that be relevant? What counts is training and experience! That’s as bad as when they ask you to include a photo! Why? –; married??? — fuck them! That’s your business!; hobbies??? — that’s personal! It’s rarely relevant for being a good professional on something else),*

I think a good outline is (but keep in mind the word limit):

  • Dear Sir/Madam, / Dear Ms Fernández, (not “Dear Ms María Fernández)
  • Why you write: to apply … + when+where you found the info… (attached CV)
  • Relevant information (in one, two or three paragraphs, depending on the word limit) for the kind of job, e.g. Academic Background + Work Experience + Other skills
  • Personality traits relevant for the job / what you can offer them – This could be part of the previous part, depending on number of words.
  • [attaching CV] available for interview / contact info
  • Thank you
  • [Looking forward ]
  • Yours… [whatever final bye]
  • Full name
  • [Reminder: there is an attachment]

* Check this out: illegal questions and how to handle them, to get an idea of what I mean

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