Y5B: preparing a Discussion on a Sensitive Issue for next January!

Dear all,

today some people asked about the discussion on languages in Spain. Wow! How happy that made me! I thought it would be forgotten! (except for David’s mon on that). Well, after talking, we’ve come up with a few oral presentations by individual people. They would present their ideas as part of a  “Before the Discussion” activity in January. Their aim is to help us with information, inspiration and strategies, to learn to hold nonviolent/rational discussions, because we shared the feeling that we adults need to learn about DOING this and we never get the chance to learn how to, or practice! On the other hand, I should add, TV bombs us with talk shows meant to be holding what turns out to be horribly violent irrational “discussions”, or fights!

  • David volunteered to speak about languages in Spain the other day.

People who volunteered today to join David, preparing their own:

  • Ignacio will share his views on why people get upset when they hear opinions they disagree with, and then he will explain why he doesn’t get upset about that.
  • Jesús Invisible House 🙂 will tell us about (nonviolent) communication strategies, so that we can improve our ability to hold discussions. He will draw from his experience in a workshop on this, and from my notes on nonviolent communication too: post here and notes here.
  • Mónica will prepare something about Mandela’s ability to create dialogue and encourage reconciliation.

Would you like to contribute, too? We’re open to proposals and contributions!

  • I’m not sure but in Howard’s interview he speaks about the need for people to learn to listen… (perhaps not on video 1?)
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