Exciting plans for your winter holidays!

carita_beatingheartTeresa, in 5CAL, told me today she had BEEN TO the Hilma af Klint exhibition in Málaga, and that she had taken a brochure in English, so as to do the exercise I designed for you all all! The timed scanning reading comprehension! She’ll do it over her winter holidays and prepare a little oral presentation on the exhibition and this activity. I told her she could send me her answers during the winter holidays. I’ll be away from Dec 28 till Dec 4 but I’ll be around the rest of the days and probably devote some time to preparing the second part of the course, among other activities of course!

best_exotic_marigold_hotel_ver2onecrazysummerRemember to watch the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I’d like to ask you all to prepare your favo(u)rite scenes in groups (you’ll be able to print the screenplay then)! And remember to read and prepare an oral piece (and even a written no-word-limit Book/Movie Review) on One Crazy Summer!

I’ll be posting more ideas about this, but be open to have your own! 😀 😀 😛

I can recommend some documentaries, too, especially if you can buy a copy for your English Mediateque! 🙂

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