Done! A YouTube channel for you

Dear students,

I just created a youtube channel in case you want me to upload videos of your performances. I haven’t used a name that locates our geographical position, and my proposal is that we just name your with your first name or a nickname of your choice.

You are welcome to contribute videos where you do an individual oral presentation (a 3-minute monologue or a longer talk on something), a conversation with a classmate (e.g. a 5-minute dialogue), a classroom discussion. You can recite what you learned/learnt by ear by heart! — both sentences you picked up from TV or listening to your audios, and the page you learned in your audiobook. But you can do more: you could record a poem, a story, or sing a song, you could tell the world about your cultural background, you could read your favo(u)rite passage of One Crazy Summer, say your collection of Useful Language for this or that, or read out any of the handouts I’ve given out which we did not have time to read in class. You could interview people, too! in class or outside the classroom! Or practice giving opinions about all kinds of things, including what you learn in class. You could even read out bits of the Class Diary! (the only people still using it are Y5A’s, btw!)

Whatever you do, you need a title, some preliminary information, I mean, so the viewers know what you are up to!

You can do all this on your own, or meeting up with a classmate to prepare something together. I mean, I can videoshoot in class, but you can also videoshoot wherever else. If you do this, I’ll have to watch it first, in case there are too many or too bad mistakes! because we just want to upload good work! Actually, if I record your work in class and then we think it was not good enough, we can simply delete the recording. No problem!

I’m not sure how to manage the site, because google and youtube have changed it all and it’s really confusing for me now, but I’ll learn. I mean, for instance, if you know how to edit videos, and you wish to upload them in this channel, there might be a way, so we would find that out, too.

EFL Learners Speaking!

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