Y3. Homework for the winter holidays

Next Wednesday is our last lesson together this year! How time flies! But here is your homework, in case you want to do part of it this week. (For people who missed the December lessons, we have done three writings, and no, you cannot send them to me by email because they need to be handwritten and done in the way I’m asking you to do them, i.e. complying with my requirements. But if you know how to comply with my requirements, you can do them and then bring them to class in January.)

  • If you are following our course, you should do unit 4A (4 pages + back pages) including the listenings to learn to learn to speak.
  • If you are following this course, you should also try to listen to English every day. Listen again to all the audios in units 1-3. Just listen to a few every day. Then, when you feel like it, use the transcripts to listen again, while underlining Useful Language, and practice saying those sentences. The more English you learn by ear (by heart), the better your grammar will be! Not only that: you will improve your speaking, listening and writing skills, because you will be used to HEARING and understanding spoken English and you will be capable of making the sounds! So come on! Make your life interesting! Language learning is good for developing our human minds and helps us in learning to relate to people!
  • If you are following our course, you can send me audios with your speaking practice. Everyone is welcome to do their speaking exercises in class in January.

Have a lovely English-speaking holiday!

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