Letter from Ireland! – My red scarf!

Dear Michelle,

How are you ?

Well to begin, I would like to give you many thanks for correcting my
previous email and postING it ON your blog. I appreciate it. I know CREATING paragraphs IS very important in a letter, but the problem is
that I emailed it VIA my mobile phone, AND it doesn’t allow me to CREATE the paragraphs!

I would like to share with you and my classmates a story telling about my
beautiful Spanish scarf in Ireland.

Last weekend I went to Belfast city in order  to see the Christmas lights
and the Continental Market at the City Hall. As you know, in Ireland the
weather is very cold, so if you go out, you have to WEAR a good coat,
hat, gloves, A scarf, AND CARRY YOUR umbrella… THINGS LIKE THAT. Well, I put on my FAVOURITE scarf, which It was given TO ME by my cousin for my birthday a few years ago.

I spent a lovely day walking on my own IN the streets, ENJOYING the
Irish atmosphere and trying to learn THINGS ABOUT the main landmarks. The TRUTH IS, I managed very well in spite of not HAVING a perfect English!

After that, AT 6PM I took the bus at 6pm to gET back home. THAT TAKES AN HOUR. Do you know which was my surprise CAN YOU GUESS WHAT HAPPENED when I got off the bus? I FORGOT my scarf was forgotten on the bus! At that moment, I felt very sad but I told myself, “Don’t worry about that, more things were lost in the War, like the Spanish saying goes. BUT it It was cold and dark. Moreover, there were noT MANY people in the street. The only thing I was thinking was how to get my lost scarf, so I took another bus and I asked to the driver the problem I had. He recommend me to ask for lost properties at Customer Service but the following day the bus station was closed.

Therefore, I didn’t have any way to get it, only wait for Monday morning to call the customer service and fix the problem. THE GOOD THING WAS, I had my ticket, so that allowed US to know in what bus the scarf could be!

Fortunately, I found my dear scarf, I couldnt believe IT!! I was SO lucky!! Besides, Irish people ARE REALLY so kind. I think if that had happened in anywhere ELSE IN THE WORLD, MOST PROBABLY, I wouldn’t HAVE found my scarf.

To sum up, h I hope you like my story and please MY ADVICE IS, Don’t THROW AWAY any ticket to the rubbish in case you lose any object or something like that!

Kindest Regards,


Carmen's scarf

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One Response to Letter from Ireland! – My red scarf!

  1. MF says:

    Dear Carmen!

    Sorry for taking such a long time to reply to your email! The end of the first term is hectic, and crazy in various ways! 🙂

    Your story is AWESOME/WONDERFUL! I loved it, and I’m sure your classmates and other net surfers will love it too. And the pic is moving!

    Deeply touched,

    Biggest hug

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