Y3. Language questions this week

We reviewed a few language questions, mostly thinking of their use in dialogues/monologues.

-ed/-ing adjectives: I was so bored! This book is boring. I’m really interested in neuroscience /níuresains/. Neuroscience is really interesting! I’m really tired today. The flight was tiring mostly because it was so boring! The trip was really exciting. I’m very excited — it’s my birthday and my friends have bought me something!

relative clauses: (with the relative pronoun) Do you know the woman who is wearing the black coat? That’s the girl who lost her keys. I can’t find the book that cost me €100!! That’s the sandwich that fell on the ground — don’t eat it! (without the relative pronoun) The trip we made to Greece was amazing. The book you gave me is really interesting. I can’t find the movie I borrowed from my teacher! I really enjoyed the conversation we had the other day!

Cómo (health/descriptions): (health) How are you? How is your mum? (Descriptions of personality and looks: ) What are you like? What’s your friend like? (Description of looks – physical appearance) What do you look like? What does your friend look like? (Description of looks – clothing) What are you going to wear? What will you wear? / What will you be wearing?

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