Reminder Winter Hols & Draft Lesson Plans for January

Over your winter hols you should be listening to English every day (podcasts, videos, textbook audios, last year’s textbook audios – these are especially important to automatize fluent and accurate production). If you find time for more, remember consolidate: practice mons and dials on the topics we worked on. Do the handout I gave you. Read the novel. Watch the Marigold Hotel movie. Listen to your Audiobook! (consolidate) Watch Friends or HIMYM. But don’t start working with what follows, because this is the future! (You can just have a quick glance, to learn about dates and projects.)

Draft Lesson Plans for January: these include the deadline for the January Writing (wait till I explain stuff in class) and time for our Novel (One Crazy Summer) and the Audiobook Project (consolidation stage, video-shooting?). Of course, you know how it goes: to succeed in this, tons of things have to have a perfect timing! But we’ll do the best we can. Y5_draftJanLessons (2 word pages)

It goes without saying you should forget about February. I’ve got it all worked out now, so keep enjoying your English. You’ll learn more & better in this way! 🙂

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