Welcome Back! Happy New Year!

Dear students! Welcome back! I hope this second part of the course is of your interest, and that you intensify your work, to consolidate your learning and learn much more! I’m preparing an orgasmic Exam Practice Month for February! So right now, forget about exams and enjoy your learning!

On our first lesson together I’m explaining what we did in our first half and what you should already be good at because you’ll need all that learning to intensify your work now, and enjoy it more! Then we’re doing a Timed Speaking activity to put all that into practice, as an example.

Remember this: the more you learn, the more confident you become. The more confident you become, the more fullfilled you feel, and therefore the happier! 🙂

I have a present for you all, but I don’t think men can use it. They might want to give it to some women they love, though! It’s a menstrual calendar!! It’s wonderful. You stick it on your bedroom door and then just jot down when you have the period! Then when the ob-gyn asks you When was your last period? or How often do you have your period? YOU CAN FUCKING ANSWER!!! 😀

CalendarioMenstrual2014 (1 page)

Another strange present I have for some of you (non-believers) is this: a poem about losing the people we love. It’s in Spanish but on the blog (not on the printable copy, though) you’ll find a prose translation into English, and well, I’m not sure it will help as consolement, but we do what we can, right?

El mito de Narcisa / The Myth of Narcissa

See you around! 🙂

Individual Messages (Y5B)

Mónica, about what you said, I forgot to mention where I actually agreed, so please, let’s bring your point up again so I can explain. Perhaps in February better, if you agree.

Little Jesús, the language point you can share next day is this: translating “no suelo tener tiempo” and “no solía tener tiempo”.

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