What would you be like if you had been born a different sex?

Do you remember I suggested you all do the exercise of imagining yourselves, your personality and life, if you had been born a different sex?

Well, here (thanks, Allegra! I love it!) Dustin Hoffman tackles the issue, like I have oftentimes done as part of my self-training as a feminist! In his case, he got to this very important exercise because of work, because he did Tootsie.

Listen to him. And if you like, write a minisaga at least on this! 🙂

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One Response to What would you be like if you had been born a different sex?

  1. MF says:

    Just for this, his words (analysis) and emotion, I would fall in love with this man.
    In this video, Dustin Hoffman explains for instance why so many feminists (like myself) don’t take care of their looks much. Why am I not “femenine”? Because when I was little, like all children, I got the message right: that was the main thing expected from me. Not my mind-heart. My looks. And as a little girl, without being a Feminist, I became a feminist. They said I was a tomboy. And I embraced that, because again, society was clear: there are only two options. But of course, tomboys were freaks.
    So if you see women who don’t shave their legs, don’t make up, seem to be totally unaware of their looks, it’s very likely they’re making a huge and very respectful effort of dissent, of making a statement. Because we all, human beings, want people to like us. But liking people shouldn’t be what in patriarchy is Why you like women, for instance, a mysoginist approach to beauty.

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