Working to turn English learning into a true like or a passion!

Summary of my Intro to 2nd half of the course in our first lesson of the year!

Listening to English every day should now be a habit you have acquired in the first half of the course, and something you do because you want to do it, not because you have to! (motivation coming from obligations like studies or employment works worse than motivation coming from likes and passions, from the emotional, psychological and intellectual connection). You need to sit once a week and work out your listening timetable for the week. Use the materials below (different kinds of audios) to work in different ways with your English.

Materials: for learners of English (B2 textbook audios, C1 textbook audios, audiobook project, EFL podcasts) and authentic materials (TV series, movie, audios and videos we like, documentaries, podcasts in English, especially in January news and interviews).

Listening is our learning foundation because by listening we learn…

  • To understand people speaking English: their different ways of speaking, their different accents, in their different contexts and situations.
  • To speak: pronunciation, intonation, stress, fluency (listen and listen, listen and repeat + underlining Useful Language)
  • To improve your grammar and increase vocabulary (+ using your List of Mistakes + visualizing the grammar + underlining Useful Language)
  • To improve your writing skill (“that doesn’t sound right” + checking with your grammar knowledge, if necessary)

In January:

Use your LoM to help you select Useful Language from your audios (and reading), especially if you wish to overcome fossilized mistakes or learn to make less mistakes when you use your English.

Practice Brainstorming for language before your oral activities and writings. Check which language items you learned at the B2 level and which at the C1 level, to make sure you know what to include in your work to show your range is rich.

  • Speaking File: a minimum of two monologues a month.
  • Writing File: keep it in mind, because we’ll have a session where you will explain how to write different kinds of texts!
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