Follow-up on Nov Writing: CVs/resumes (Education)

Dear students, one thing I cannot “check” in your CVs/resumés is the name of the certificates you have. You should understand that we don’t have ONE CV/resumé and that’s it. We tailor our CVs/resumés to each job! In terms of names of certificates (for EDUCATION) you (not me) need to look for an answer to that DEPENDING on where your application is going (to Britain, the USA?, Canada, Australia, India, Greece?). Then I can tell you if it sounds OK, supposing you are not sure.

So… You have the Internet! That’s like Paradise for this kind of things. So you should browse university websites to see what they call what. If there is nothing equivalent to your certificates, you could use the name in Spanish and then include a descriptive phrase in English, so they know what it is.

In any case, I hope this is useful:

Spain United Kingdom United States of America
Guardería Nursery Day care center
Educación infantil
(P3, P4, P5)
Nursery & beginning of primary school Preschool & kindergarden
Primaria (colegio) Primary school Elementary school & middle school / junio high
Formación profesional Vocational school / training Vocational school / training
ESO (instituto) Secondary school High school
Bachillerato (instituto) (Upper) Secondary school High school
Selectividad GCSE* & A Level S.A.T.*
Descriptive: Entrance/Access to University Exam
Grado* (universidad) Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Máster (universidad) Master’s degree
Doctorado (universidad) Ph. D.*
  • GCSE General Certificate of Secondary School
  • S.A.T. Scholastic Assessment Test
  • Grado = Degree; Major = carrera (universitaria), e.g. She got a Bachelor of Science degree and she majored in biology. (So here we have some more information. Compare to what I gathered in Job application letters and LoM. See also: Writing CVs. Language skills, and Computer skills, or the page LoM)
  • Ph. D. Doctor of philosophy = original research
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