Y3: More on “Can”: possibility, proposal

“CAN” is a modal connected to different language functions, as we have seen. On my previous post on this, we tackled present and past ability (can, could, am/are/is able to, was/were able to) and here we’re going to review other uses.


What language structures or items can you use to make proposals? Lots!!

  • Let’s go to the beach now!
  • Why don’t we go to the beach?
  • Would you like to go to the beach now?
  • How about going to the beach? …

and… can and could

  • We can go to the beach, if you like.

Or more usual / always polite:

  • We could go to the beach.

POSSIBILITY (could; and also may and might)

Where’s María?

  • She could be downstairs, or  She may be in the toilet.

and then, if you are less sure, if you idea is more tentavie, then say:

  • She might be in the School Office (I think that’s less likely)


María is late!

  • She may have missed her train. (perfect modals for things that must have already happened)
  • She might’ve gotten lost!
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