Info on women & feminism to help you avoid mainstream ignorance

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It’s been a pleasure to read your work, people, and a special treat to read the compos on Changing Roles and Women. We are changing! Finally! ❤ 🙂

As I’m a veteran feminist thinker and activist, I thought I could share some relevant information you should certainly find elsewhere and check.

Writing about changing women’s roles

New Info (rescued by Herstorians; keep in mind women are not in History because it was patriarchs who wrote it, but they were there) people don’t usually know, and don’t seem to be interested in knowing, which is surprising.

  • The Willendorf Venus, probably by a preherstoric womanPatriarchal societies started with the so-called Neolithic revolution. This means we did enjoy (like we do enjoy in our imagination and wherever we manage it in the small spaces of our private and social lives!) other kinds of societies, where men and women were human beings, not genitalized dolls each for a different purpose.
  • Modern feminism dates back to the French revolution (in our society; yes, it’s been three centuries olympe-de-gougesfor this little big change). Truthfully, changes developed faster because of the Industrial revolution — and unfortunately, also as a result of modern wars (and women working in factories). Wollstonecraft1But these pioneers or protofeminists where women revolutionaries in the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century. When men decided to write Les Droits de l’Home, Men’s Rights (“man” meant “he-person” it was never “neutral” like the madmen in RAE say now) a document related to today’s Human Rights), these extremely corageous women demanded to be inpintada en buenos aires, fotografiada por gaviota paseanderacluded because they considered women should also have rights, and they were guilliotined, imprisoned, and the lot of terrors. Read Olympe de Gouges and Mary Wollstonecraft to learn about this.
  • Women have probably always fought for a better life, so this — their not fighting for a better life — wouldn’t explain the very many centuries of their oppression in patriarchal societies. Perhaps what explains such a long period of time of being oppressed is the intensity and complexity of patriarchal violence against women.
  • FeBarbaraKruger-Your-body-is-a-battleground-1989minism is not about validating a world where your genitals (well, just two conceivable options, against all evidence) are meant to determine what your mind can do, and what you, from using your freedom, can do. Feminism is a nonviolent revolution, and all about social justice, and it is beginning to liberate anyone who is sensitive to this issue. It’s not only women who are benefiting from this social struggle. smash_patriarchyMen are also liberating themselves from the roles the patriarchal system imposed on them. Feminism supports their refusal to rape, and kill, their willingness to love and care and solve things through the use of nonviolence and intelligence, their freedom to chose who they love, too, their freedom to respect that other people might be willing to make decisions on their own bodies and life. Women know about not being allowed to choose or decide anything about your body and life. It’s in our genes. And it’s CRUEL and BRUTAL.

So we keep reminding the human race: the r-EvoLution will be feminist or it will never happen.

Sol, Madrid, 15M, 2011 La revolución será feminista o no será

PS: And hey, women have been creating knowledge all the way. The problem is they have been made Anon. by Historians. So I wonder why the Anonymous Movement obeyed so blindly to the patriarchal mandate, and decided to have a male anon. hero (especially when most probably — or aren’t they aware yet? — many Anon.s were women) instead of using an androgynous mask, or even a female mask. Always needing Heroes instead of kind intelligent people capable of working and living together in freedom… sigh.

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2 Responses to Info on women & feminism to help you avoid mainstream ignorance

  1. Olivia Casey says:

    nice article! you have a nice writer’s voice.

  2. MF says:

    Thanks! I appreciate! ❤ 🙂

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