Writings. LoM: Complying with the requirements

I can’t believe some people are still having trouble with complying with the requirement of THEM writing (deciding on) the TASK DESCRIPTION.

I say: you need to write an article (a type of text) in … words (exam format word limit) and in the time limit you get in your final exam. It’s up to you to complete the task description. For the December Writing Assignment, it was an article. YOU SHOULD HAVE STATED WHAT ABOUT and WHAT FOR, too.

e.g.: Task description: Write an article on/about … for (kind of publication) in (number of words + time limit).

I will reject January writing assignments that don’t include a task description that allows me to assess if they would have passed their Writing Test if this would have been a Writing Test. Because, as you know, if you don’t comply with the requirements, even if your English is good, we simply are NOT allowed to check your work.

Incidentally, what’s so difficult about including on the right-hand corner your personal info? Name, group, date?

Please, pay attention to these things. They’re relevant for surviving the system.

If my English is great but I go to the Oposición just ignoring the requirements in the instructions of the examination papers, then, what do you expect? Being true to yourself and following your ideals can’t imply ignoring real life out there because then you’ll simply fail, the system will gulp you down!

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