Beautiful stuff!

Today we listened to the first childhood memory, by Mónica (Y5B), and it was beautiful. Your oral work on this is bound to be wonderful, so I suggest you record yours after practicing at home (without writing it down) and then doing it in class for feedback (we’ll do that at Plenary but also more “privately,” while Small Groups work, at my desk), and then recording a final version, in audio (or video, for a brand-new youtube channel! It would be AWESOME to have Childhood memories on our youtube channel, don’t you think?)

People, think about how you would like to exploit One Crazy Summer. The sooner you make up your mind, the more time you’ll have to prepare it. I scheduled the Day for this for the end of this month. Here are some ideas: Book Projects

Then Big Jesús asked if he could say his part of the Audiobook Project with an Indian accent!! What a wonderful idea!!! So I said, yes! But wait, do the Audiobook with your team as you did in December, and then let’s video shoot your saying it “normal” and “with an Indian accent”!

I emailed Carmen, in Ireland, asking her if she could  interview Irish people for our youtube channel, and she said she’ll try! So if you are abroad (hello, Little Jesús), and you get the chance to do this, please, interview people who speak English for our youtube collection of different accents in English!! If it’s an audio, someone might be able to edit it to include a pic or something… Get in touch!

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