Politeness. Tips on Netiquette, email & phone etiquette

For me, good manners are not about being classist, or a bourgeouise, as they used to say a few decades ago! 😀 For me, good manners is about being nice to people you relate to in your everyday life.

On the internet, you can also be polite or rude, depending on certain things you do or don’t do. For instance, it’s aggressive to use block letters to communicate. It feels like the person is shouting at you! You should avoid this.

When you email people, it’s rude not to include an informative / descriptive subject line. People get a lot of emails and they need to know what each is about just by having a quick look through their list of messages. Another thing which is not very nice is when you send an attachment and you don’t even say: “Hey, hello! I’m sending you this.” And a very aggressive thing is to forward messages exposing people’s addresses. Do you give your friends phone number to people who do not even know them? NO! It’s personal info, and we have a right to protect it, and to decide who we want to give our contact info to!

Mobile phones are horrible. When you go out for a drink or a meal with friends, it’s horrible you are not able to switch your (fucking) mobile off. It’s like you are not appreciating the chance you have to share your time with the people who are actually in front of you! It feels loveless, really.

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