Y5: LoM “important” “responsible”

You cannot say:

  • The most important is…

You need “thing” or point, idea… depending on what you mean. But if you can’t find a good word and are left with “thing” and don’t feel happy about it because you are writing semiformally, or formally, you can say:

  • What is most important is…
  • What matters most is… (this one is better to avoid two “is”)

You cannot say:

  • The responsible for this crisis is…
  • There is a clear responsible.
  • Who is the responsible for that?

This idea can be expressed with

  • The causes of the crisis are…
  • One of the agents contributing to this crisis is…
  • Who is responsible for that?

You can also say:

  • Business people are responsible for the destruction of the landscape.
  • The authorities are responsible for the lack of services in the area.
  • Corrupt people should be held accountable for the this crisis.
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