Letter from Ireland – looking after bay bees!

Dear Michelle!!

I would like to share with you & my classmates how to look after babies in Northern Ireland.

Well due to because my host family is a single parent, we have to be very organized with everything. If not, it is a chaos. Remember I am looking after twin girl babies! So all everything is more complicated (complex).

CHILDRENBOOKAfternoon & Evening Routine: “Consistency is very important”
This routine is based on the E.A.S.Y method / routine (recommended from in The Baby Whisperer book). The acronym E.A.S.Y stands for E=Eat, A=Activity, S=Sleep & Y= You as in “Me Time.” It is strongly recommended that you have also read the relevant chapters of the book that explain the “pick up, put down” method when putting the babies into their respective cots for naps or night time sleep.

From 3pm to midnight feeds, and just before any feed: mis (??) put? a Gaviscon sachet in each of the babies bottles and shake well. Heat as normal. This is the “E” part. Change the babies’ nappies. Record the amount of bottles taken and the content of the nappy on the babies daily record sheet.

“A” = Activity. After the feed & winding each of the girls, examples of short activities for the babies are: sitting in the ring with a one toy, lying on their back on a mat without their nappy & kicking their legs; lying on the yellow
c-shaped ring for “tummy time”; showing the babies a book, etc. The seat or swing can also be used as part of an activity.

Observe the babies for signs of tiredness, e.g. yawning, becoming unsettled, crying, etc. so you can shush them. Carry the babies saying it is “Nap time” and put them into their respective cots, shushing them and repeating it is “Nap time.” Put on their overhead cot mobile onto soothing
music and then rotate the button for the toys to twirl around over their head.

Use the “Pick Up/ Put Down” method for settling the babies if they are crying and unsettled. Do not rock or nurse the babies to sleep or try to get them to sleep by rocking the chair seat. The babies need to go into their cots awake or semi awake and so they can learn to “self soothe” (soothe themselves) to nap/sleep. A quality nap should last approximately 2 hours.

NB: if the girls wake up after 30 or 45 minutes, reassure them: “It is OK”, “It is only nap time” and shush them using the “pick up/put down” method.

From 5pm to midnight (i.e. two feeds), give the babies baby rice mixed with their formula milk heated (?) to a runny consistency. Ensure the Dr Brown’s bottles are given to both babies an that the milk is mixed with a Gaviscon sachet.

The Dr Brown Y teats are used (they are for thickened milk). Give the babies the baby rice first, followed by their bottle. Please ensure the babies are winded well or they may wake up with sore stomachs.

The girls could have a bath after an evening feed as part of the “activity” of E.A.S.Y. After their nappies are changed after the first or second feed wiht baby rice, put the girls’ pyjamas on.

From 9pm onwards, boil kettle and fill the babies hot water bottles to heat their cot before they go to bed for their night sleep. Close the curtains in the babies bedrooms and put on their night lights. Ensure the CD is playing & is on repeat.

After feeding one baby the second feed with baby rice and after they have taken their bottle, put their “tummy heat bag” into the microwave for 1 minute and position it on their tummy with the baby in the chair seat or wing seat.

Put Baby Einstein’s Lullaby DVD on and the first baby in front of television (while you feed the second baby).

Settle the second baby in front of the television with their heated bag on their tummy and in either the chair seat or the swing seat. Tell the first baby it is “night night”, “sleep time” and shush them while carrying them into their cot. Follow same method as before. Do not rock or nurse the babies to sleep or try to get them to sleep by rocking the chair seat. The babies need to go into their cot for their night sleep semi awake or awake, so that and everyone working with the babies needs to follow the same consistent routine. The babies will learn to know what follows and therefore should
settle easily and not be confused.

Hope all of you like it. It can help you. This is a hard work. Sometimes I am exhausted but in my opinion I am learning a lot of new things and, of course, improving my English.

A big hug,

Carmen Jiménez

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