Puking my heart out

I’m watching the documentary on Channel 2, called Ayuda humanitaria, on how business people have created Solidarity Tourism, Volunteering companies, places where if you want to help, you can pick a country and a project and go for as long as you like. You pay and you “help” and you think most of your money is going to the community in need. But it isn’t. It’s so against justice and solidarity that I just feel like vomiting.

When I say, If you aren’t happy with your life, consider joining some cause related to fighting for a juster and less violent world, I don’t mean this shit. When I tell you stories about what I did when I volunteered in countries at war or in different places, it was not this!! How come this nightmare has developed? Oh how I hate money! When I volunteered, it was with a group, not with an agency operating as a go-between!

Don’t give donations or your bank account numbers on/in the street, even if they say — and it is — its for NGOs or charities you know. It’s terrible some CEOs in these organizations are hiring people to do this. They say This is the world we live in. But we need to be CAREFUL. What’s the use of “helping” (joining the struggle for justice) if your “help” just strengthens the baddies, the system they impose on us? A little more imagination, please. Or true solidarity.

Another kind of harm this does is, If people want to do something, then they don’t know what, because they don’t know who to trust.

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