Your Projects. Y5B has a plan now! One Crazy Summer

As you can see in our schedule for January, we’re having the a lesson for projects at the end of this month. 5CAL has decided they will just do the Audiobook Project, consolidation stage, and then if time allows I’ll bring a special audio or audiovisual activity (finish watching the documentary we saw last December). I hope I can audio or video record them, because their work is impressive! About the CAL project, the group will collect Useful Classroom Language for the audio project after February, so that we can put together some work on this in April.

Y5A has not talked about it in class, yet. And I hope tomorrow they can tell me something about this.

Y5B has briefly considered the matter today, and they will be having a look at this: Book Projects, and thinking of sharing something on the novel. Everybody should have a chance to share his or her thoughts, passages, highlights of Useful Language learned… that day. I’ll bring the video recorder and an audio recorder, in case we can use bits of that for a web project. Because Felipe worked so hard in vocabulary, I suggested he could start sharing his work on that, and then people could contribute more on this, so that we created a glossary we could share online. By the way, I forgot to look at Felipe to see if he agreed! My apologies. Please, let me know what you think!

I want something in return for having chosen such a special book. I want to hear from you on this novel. You can focus on the language, the story, the events which are depicted, whatever, but I want to get something out of my work on this!

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