Rearranging Lesson Plans Y5’s

Last lesson this week:

  • Small Groups finish checking pending homework: Grammar Bank 2B + 2A Handout, + if time allows, p. 21, p. 25 (vocabulary).
  • Plenary for doublechecking answers and language questions.
  • Orals on childhood and multitasking (Y5A also this Friday) – also in the first lesson next week.

Homework: work on the topic TIME, pages 26, 27, and don’t forget to listen to your unit audios (previous).

The Fire Drill is bound to happen in our last January week, so we might have to rearrange what follows (guess the priorities!):

First Lesson Last January Week: we’ll do a listening activity and then check the pages on TIME, or listen to people’s speaking: timed mons or timed dials.

Second Lesson Last Jan Week: Projects: Audiobook Project and/or One Crazy Summer Plenary (prepare your opinion, fav passages, useful language you learned)

Homework: In this second lesson I’ll ask you to do some reading in Spanish, on Certificate Exams, a document available on the School’s website. I’ll show you. You need to do this reading to prepare for Exam practice month.

In February, because we didn’t manage to finish unit 2, your homework will be finishing unit 2.

FEBRUARY WRITING ASSIGNMENT: The deadline will be on our last February lesson together. You can choose whether to write a Proposal or a Report. Please, check the Writing File (Scheduled Writings), the textbook and my notes before making up your mind. You can ask in class.

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