Last days for Hilma af Klint!

If you could be interested in Art or are, and if you want to learn to help the species by paying attention to women’s lives and work, not as what they have been reduced to by patriarchal societies but as human beings, you should try to see the exhibition on this unknown and very interesting painter, a pioneer of abstract art. Don’t forget she was painting 100 years ago, when Conan Doyle was writing his novels on Sherlock Holmes, for instance, and they were all mad about spiritism! Katalogen-HilmaIn Sweden (a most advanced country in some ways), women were considered incapable of being Creative (like everywhere else), but they were allowed to go to Art School and even earn a living by painting portraits and landscapes (Copying). Hilma painted what is now exhibited in secret, with other women artists.

I bought a copy of the catalog of this exhibition, and its worth its price, both for the amount and quality of the reproductions and the texts.

The exhibition ends on Feb 9. I hope it is extended! In Y5CAL, Teresa did go, and she is preparing an oral presentation on that, plus a power point presentation!

If you go to Museo Picasso in Málaga (this exhibition on its website in English), remember to get a copy of the brochures in English, so you can do the timed Reading activity I designed for you!

This is a tree of knowledge she painted in 1913. She was a teosofist, so some of the themes are rather scary in some way, if you are a non-believer — she was trying to find something above all of the existing religions. But it’s all very interesting.


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