Are you listening to English every day?

Hiya there! Just a reminder. There is no way you can learn to speak a language well if you don’t listen to it as part of your everyday life. There’s an extra bonus: you won’t feel that kind of paralizing fear in exams. When you are someone who listens to English every day, you’ll certainly be nervous in exams, but you’ll be able to manage, and not suffer much (or at all), because you’ll have that kind of confidence that allows us to do what we have to do then and there and to avoid breaking our concentration with self-destructive thoughts or uncontrolled fear. (Then remember: before exams that include Listening Tests, you should spend a month listening at all times! So your ear cannot be ever suprised by sounds and block!)

At home, I’m learning German, French and Catalan but I just have Saturdays for my audios on that, and although it’s all amazing, I can read and repeat, I can say sentences. (I love it!) I know I’d have to be doing that every day to make faster progress and consolidate!

Exploit your audio and video recordings as I explain in class, always using the same material a few times in different ways. Use textbook audios of previous years every day. It’ll strengthen your confidence. Listen every day and enjoy it! It’s enjoyable. Plus you’ll be improving your ability to understand, to express yourself, your grammar. And with some of those recordings you will also improve your textual awareness and communicative strategies and learn about ideas and events.

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