About the February Page here & Your Work at Home

The February Page: As some of you know, I added a link to TAGS: Exam Practice Month, so that you can find all the individual posts I have been posting and will post hereafter for extra Exam Practice. (In case you still don’t know, each post has two different bits of info at the bottom: Category, and Tags.)

If you do these exercises, if you like, give me a paper copy of your results and the questions that you might have.

Your Work at Home: Here I should also remind you that we have a Year Plan that includes your work at home, and listening and speaking at home as a priority, OK? Use the textbook keeping this priority in mind, because 1. Listen & Repeat and 2. Listen & Read & Underline Useful Language, and then 3. Listen & Repeat that, and then use that (4. Speak) in your weekly monologues will allow you make progress in becoming fluent (and being able to speak more spontaneously) and accurate (and will be precious for people with fossilized mistakes; fossilized mistakes can only be overcome through repetition, in more technical words, through automatizing correct/accurate production).

PODCAST SUPPORT FOR FREE! For people with good time for their English, you should start now listening to podcasts, too, especially radio programs/programmes with interviews, discussions and news, if you are in Avanzado, and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) if you are in Intermedio.

YOUR WEEKLY SCHEDULE: If you don’t sit once a week to fit in the moments to work on your English in your day, it’s unlikely you find enough time, or develop the habit of listening to English every day.

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