About the January textbook unit

Avanzado: As you know, this year we’re just doing half of the C1 textbook because you need to become fluent and accurate in your productive skills, and not so much reach an academic C1 level. Here is the Y5 Course Plan, where you have the info on which units we will work on when.

At the end of January I asked you if you could finish the exercises in unit 2 we did not have time to finish in class (e.g., the reading on love and revenge, the questionnaire on get, except the video or last page), and certainly go through all of its audios, which are great. I’m not sure people have done so, so this is a reminder and you’ve got the rest of February to catch up. My idea is that in our first March lesson we would go through the unit to see what you had learned (your priority being blah blah blah). But —

If you need to check the answers to specific exercises, please, ask me in class: I could read out the answers, or even post them here when possible.

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