Because I don’t follow a textbook all the time…

(because at the Advanced level I try to teach grammar depending on your personal needs for you have spent years learning grammar in theory and in silence), because I don’t follow a textbook in all the work we do in our course, it is important you try to print or have a copy of the posts where I comment people’s mistakes in oral or written performances.

As you can see, there’s never enough time in class for this kind of very relevant work! We learn a lot from listening to people and analyzing/analising their mistakes, and strengths, too of course! That is why I make the extra effort of trying to publish your oral performances with a LoM. And that is why I post here about people’s mistakes (LoM page) in Writing Assignments and publish their final work, so you all can learn from your classmates. But this also involves you use this valuable information at home for your own learning, so please do and remember to ask in class if you have questions!

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