More contributions & why I’m always behind on this

Dear all, thanks so much for sending your oral and written work for publication. I’ll be publishing it asap, but as some of you can see, “asap” is at times not that “asap”! In case you do not know (I think some people believe I improvise. 😀 Being interactive and flexible is not exactly the same as improvising! 🙂 ): you see, I get orals by email, have to prepare the lessons, all the materials including these posts to help you learn (I’m also working on some Useful Language lists that will help you learn! But it’s a humungous project, and I might be unable to finish this year, which would be frustrating!) and links I post (selecting new links takes hours of navigation + of doing those exercises to see they’re good for you), plus Exam Practice Month, which is horrible for me, and because I do it makes me be behind with the textbook in Tercero (fortunately I designed Quinto just wanting to do 4 units this year, for that and other reasons, like Projects you need time to prepare at home and then in class), and then my other Teacher work with and without other teachers (analysing problems, writing/reading reports, posts, emails, creating materials for you all), and the Head of Department job, so that’s why I’m always behind on this, on publishing your work!

Thank goodness so many people become absentists, hahaha… (In private education, groups are from 6-8 to 12, but people attend the lessons regularly because they pay for them, and that’s fundamental for teachers & students to focus and keep a good rhythm; and that’s a completely different story to having 34 students and some coming regularly, others not, and then the absentists, especially if the ones that always come are 5 and not 10). I’m also involved in an ebook we teachers are preparing so that you all can download stories for free, plus my private life, which includes the highlight of impending menopause, an encounter I’m eager to experience because I’m sick and tired of buying sanitary pads & having period cramps, plus, I never wanted to have a baby and I think that over 30 years having to be careful about not getting pregnant is more than enough! But anyway, all the tests and the ups and downs suck up time and energy, too.

I’d probably be ill by now if groups were actually over 30!! I know because that actually happened to me when I was a secondary teacher, and that’s why I had to prepare this other Public Exam to work here now (study yet another Oposición, if you know what I mean, while working as a substitute teacher; in 7 years I worked in 27 different schools – imagine how much I learned)! Because I’ve never been good at setting limits to my work. Not that being a teacher makes that easy, really. And then people say teachers “are always on holiday.” Ugh!

So please, bear with me. Hopefully, over the White Holiday (last week in February) I’ll be able to catch up. And that’s at the latest. Upcoming are two videos from the Audiobook Project: Luis’s (Y5A) and Big Jesús’s (Y5B). Then we have some amazing contribution by Teresa (Y5CAL) on Hilma af Klint. Plus quite a few writings!!! and some orals to share!

And thanks so much, again, for sending your precious work. It helps people learn, and it helps you learn, too! Thanks also for developing the ability to be independent and collaborative (this is one of my most important targets in the year, to help people learn to be independent and resourceful language lifelong learners, so when I see you asking, reminding, helping, being on top of things, it makes my day!) and thanks for doing your best in class and helping me out when I forget stuff. It’s what actually keeps me in the job, to be honest. Because it makes our lives easier and more interesting and pleasant, and I also believe it makes your learning better!

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One Response to More contributions & why I’m always behind on this

  1. MF says:

    Thanks, adorable diggers! I had second thoughts about whether I should have posted this! 😀 😀 😀

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