(edited) For my students: about the movie project and this blog

Couldn’t find the link, today in class, to the Movie Project explanation, and it was in your CLASS DIARIES!! Do you ever check them out? 😀 😀 😀

One thing I’m wondering is if I should put more time and effort on this blog. I’ve overcome the Crushing Beginning of the Course Reaction (“It’s overwhelming!”, as if people had the time for encyclopedias or dictionaries at home…) and  all sorts of obstacles, and now I’m a bit tired, especially after reading that some students think I don’t prepare my lessons well. I was surprised! [My understanding of this feedback is, “I need to explain my methodology better, because these people are missing the point of why I do what I do” and not that I need to work even more in preparing the lessons, really. Hope I got it right! 🙂 On second thoughts, it might mean that people simply want me to use a traditional methodology? Well, if this is the case, no way. I have nothing to learn from traditional methods, OK? I know this better than most people, because I’ve been earning a living with languages — and working this hard, always learning and sharing — since 1980, OK?]

My proposal is that the students who use this blog tell me what they use it for, so I can focus on their needs, OK? You can post that here, or send me an email, or hand in your comments in class. Thanks! 🙂 ❤

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