Writing Test Practice

Y5A asked for an extension of the Feb writing assignment deadline, but because it’s already been quite a few months together, and we have a writing schedule announced from the beginning of the course, I said they could change this more time-consuming assignment (you are meant to do some research before sitting to write my assignments) for practicing with the Sept 2013 Writing Test, which was just 90 minutes. And they did. I have read their work, and I would like to comment a common mistake, so that people in other groups who are interested in giving me the Sept 2013 or the June 2012 Writing Test for practice can learn from their mistakes. If you give me this, it’s an EXTRA WRITING, so it has no deadline, but I won’t accept Exam Writing Practice in May.

The most common and relevant mistake was in the Essay. It had no title, and essays have titles, OK?, and paragraphing was unclear. An essay should also have an introductory paragraph that poses the questions you are about to address, a development of ideas in (due to the word limit) 1 or 2 paragraphs (or 3, brief), and an ending paragraph with conclusions, or… that’d depend on your approach to the essay. (Talk to me if in doubt.)

When you are given a statement and asked to write about whether you agree or not with it, that statement is not the title. You can choose your title, depending on your approach to this matter, and you cannot take for granted that the reader of your essay has read the statement. In other words, imagine the reader can’t actually read that statement. Your text has to contain all of the ideas you need, you cannot depend on the reader having read the instructions to your assignment. Your text should be an essay.

Problem-solving! You have too much to say for the number of words. Today when JC brought his Writing, we talked a bit about it, and he said that he found it difficult to write such a brief essay, because he had a lot of ideas that could not be expressed in the required word limit, so he had to “lie”. That’s OK, of course, but it does feel bad, so here is what I would do if I faced that problem:

On a separate piece of paper, I would brainstorm on my ideas for the topic. Then, while considering the word limit, I would look at them and see how many I would be able to arrange in an outline that met the requirements. In other words, I would SELECT a few, and ARRANGE them in an outline, to make sure they would be presented in logical progression.

Hope this is useful.

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  1. MF says:

    Presenting two advantages or disadvantages together:
    Not only … but … also
    Not only … but also
    Presenting two opposing views:
    On the one hand, … On the other hand, …
    Expressing Contrast:
    even so
    even though
    in spite of
    Expressing results:
    Because of this
    As a result,
    For this reason,
    Giving examples:
    such as
    for example,
    for instance,
    Expressing the opinion of someone else:
    Some people say
    Most people believe
    People often say
    It is said/believed
    according to
    Research has shown

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