Y5. Test Your Reported & Reporting Speech

(Y3’s: this comes up in unit 8, so don’t do it now if you have enough work with what we are doing now.)

How good are you at understanding & using indirect speech?

(B1+ or B2. If you do this other one, remember to bring it up in class, so we can check it!)

1. Can you visualize/visualise the communicative situation and explain it? Use one of these to help you:

A    I’m reporting on something someone is telling me now.
B     I’m reporting on something I’m reading (instructions or rules).
C     I’m reporting on something I’m witnessing it.
D    I’m reporting on something someone said in a past chunk of time.
E     I’m reporting on something someone said before but in the same chunk of time I’m in now (today).

2. Can you turn these sentences into direct speech and explain what happened? (Notice the Language Function the modals perform, for the case of verbs with modals.)

a)     Mum’s saying she needs to hang up now.
b)    Last Friday we went out for a meal together and it was really nice. That’s when he told her that he loved her! I couldn’t believe it!
c)     It says here we should turn the printer off first.
d)    -So what do we have to do now?
-The teacher said we have to do this activity. She told us to practice saying the sentences first.
e)     The officer is telling her she is not allowed to park there.
f)     The other day she told us that if we needed more time, we could get an extension.
g)     Laura says she’s sharing a flat with two college/ university students.
h)    Jay asked me how you were doing. / how you were.
i)      We were running like mad when Tim tripped and fell onto the ground. He cried in pain. And then I heard him swear! I told him it was the first time I had heard him swear. And he replied that was true. He didn’t like swearing much.  So the thing was, we actually missed the train. So I suggested we look for a hotel to have a good night sleep and then continue our journey the following day, and he agreed.
j)      Jane’s told me she’s going to the mall/shopping centre to try and find a pair of pants/trousers. She said she would be back at about three.
k)    It says we’re not allowed to smoke here.
l)      So we asked the teacher if we could video record the project and she said that would be great.
m)   He asked me if he could borrow my car for the day, but I said there was something wrong with it.

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