Y5. Presenting May – Your work with textbook

  • Today and tomorrow our lesson plan… (I’ll update this post after tomorrow’s lesson, supposing something comes up in Y5CAL and Y5B)
  • Your work in unit 2 at home. Any oral work to share, or questions, or requests for us to check some exercise or other?
  • Presentation of unit 3. How you should work this month at home on the unit. (Reading ex., and Grammar-Voc ex. + using the audios after we use them in class, for re-telling and later recycling!! in your oral performances!)
  • In Y5A we talked about last week and American Indians. We reviewed: remember (to do something) vs remember (doing something), remind me of (doing sth), remind me of (someone); and different uses of GET. There was a request so we can do the textbook songs as fill-in-the-gaps listenings in our March Friday together.
  • Finishing unit 2: the last page – Listenings, and at home retelling, because it’s on technology.
  • Homework: use 2.15 and 2.16 (re-telling, gathering useful language for a mon. on technology); revise unit 2 trying to gather / practice Q&A on the topics, so that next day we can start working on timed dialogues (topics: childhood, love, time, technology, multitasking). If you didn’t work on your mons on the unit 2 topics, use at least 2.13 for re-telling.
  • Projects: The Movie Project. I updated the Announcement Board, so make sure you complete the info for your performances at the end of the month.
  • Blog Updates: I reminded people of the existence of two audios here, on Technol. and Ecology, in case people want to practice re-telling. Also, check out my post on Writing Tests.
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