Descriptions of houses to rent or sell (for websites)

This has been the Feb writing assignment for my Y3’s (Intermediate, B1) and their work has been outstanding! Congratulations! I’d like to comment a few language points in class (e.g., on the ground/first floor, suitable vs not allowed), and have people read out their work, so the rest can learn from it.

The task was not a classified ad (“classifieds”) because students couldn’t use abbreviations. It was like the typical description you would find on a real estate agency website.

A tip for your Writing Tests: your pieces should contain all the relevant information. All of you forgot to have a pre-title for the website, stating if the property was for sale or for rent / on sale, to lease, renting. (Yes, that was stated in the instructions, but while I was reading your descriptions I didn’t know if you were selling or renting, and that is a key point.) And none of you forgot to have a title, of course! Well done!


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