Today, in Y5B, students told me about wassap. I didn’t know a word about it. I had heard it was an app, but I’m not sure I know what that is. The thing is, they have a group, which is their study group with me. It’s really useful when they have to do things together, or spread the word on something.

An adorable student showed me a pic they had taken of me. Thank goodness they were kind and the pic is not good. You feel kind of vulnerable if people can take pics of you when you are teaching without you knowing! (I think that if people started doing that, we teachers would have to look for another job, especially spontaneous teachers that tell stories!) My partner, when he was in secondary, was filmed and put up on youtube!! He asked the students to remove the video, but they didn’t. Anyway, in the video he was reading a Love Letter he had been given on Valentine’s Day (because the school celebrated this day like this). Of course, the letter was from an ambitious young man: “Teacher, I love you a lot, please, give me a pass mark!” But talking about the philosophers. 😀

Something really funny is this. It seems that when I post here, in the wee hours, i.e. in the middle of the night, the machines of these students that have a wassap group go beep and then they know I’m posting! So MJ’s husband says, “Hey, your teacher is posting!” 😀 I suppose  families will hate me! so I suggest you turn your wassaps off when you go to bed!!! (go to sleep = quedarse dormida/o; go to bed = irse a dormir)

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